Property Managers

Offering reliable, secure, and optimized high speed business internet can help you attract and keep valuable tenants.

Commercial Property Owner/Management Companies

Most multi-tenant commercial buildings in metropolitan areas have multiple internet service provider options to meet their tenants’ needs. However, the availability of diverse ISPs doesn’t address tenants’ increasing desire for solutions that are highly available, highly secure, personalized, and enable the use of cloud technologies like Microsoft Office365, VoIP, DaaS, and other cloud solution providers. What tenants often get are exposed public internet connections that are subject to outages, malware, bots, and other data interruptions. ​

Dreamwire Internet, an internet and cloud enablement service, aggregates a building’s existing internet connectivity to enhance overall service quality and reduce the connectivity costs to tenants. We fill the gap between what ISPs provide and the IT solutions tenants want as a part of their building’s connectivity services. As tenant adoption grows, property managers earn revenue from the adoption of cloud services at their property as well as profits from the Dreamwire Internet service.​

Provide the building address and email contact and we will send a report showing the costs for all ISPs available to your building location, along with the proposed pricing and financials for the Dreamwire Internet service.