Access to the cloud is too important to rely on a single path. We provide reliable, secure, and a cloud optimized internet.

Modern Tenant Solutions

ITDreamwire enables the use of cloud services through an enhanced internet service that prioritizes cloud application traffic. We make available these internet enabled cloud services to tenants in commercial buildings via a Building Portal. In addition to the Dreamwire Internet, tenants are given a selection of available cloud service providers at their building, each of which they can easily choose to connect with. Our service is streamlined for businesses running applications across the network for VoIP, Virtual Desktop, and other cloud connectivity needs. ITDreamwire fills the gap between what ISPs provide and the IT solutions tenants want as a part of their building’s connectivity services.

SMB tenants often lack the budget and resources to setup highly available and optimized network connections that are necessary to adopt cloud based resources. ITDreamwire makes the adoption of cloud a reality for all businesses by involving building management to subsidize costs. Dreamwire Internet, a multi-tenant building based service model, aggregates existing connectivity, enhances overall service quality, and reduces total connectivity costs to tenants adopting the cloud.

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